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Kodak Black is at a crossroads. The Florida rapper was in court today and a judge ordered him to be released, but made sure to add the caveat that he’s looking at 55 years in the bing if he messes up again. 

Black, who has been in jail since May, took a deal, pleading “no contest” to a myriad of charges in exchange for house arrest.

Reports the Sun Sentinel:

Black, whose real name is Dieuson Octave, changed his plea from not guilty to no contest in the two criminal cases that had put his music career on hold, court documents show.

The 19-year-old rapper, who grew up in a Pompano Beach public housing development, pleaded no contest to numerous charges including robbery, false imprisonment, fleeing a law enforcement officer, and possession of a firearm by a delinquent.

Judge Lisa Porter accepted the negotiated plea, and also agreed to withhold adjudication, which would mean Octave won’t become a convicted felon, and would be able to tour internationally.

Black was sentenced to a year of house arrest and five years probation.

Sun Sentinel reported Brett Clarkson was in the court room today and noted the judge’s warning—if Black makes another “mistake” he’ll be looking at 55 years.

First things first, we hope Kodak Black thanked his lawyer. Second, move out of the ‘hood, stat.

Kodak Black will be released either today or tomorrow.

Kodak Black mugshot

Photo: Broward County Sheriff’s Office