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The jig is up for Ryan Lochte. The swimmers detained by Brazilian authorities after their story about getting robbed at gunpoint turned out to be suspect, threw Lochte under the swimming pool of struggle and lies.

A Brazilian official speaking under the condition of anonymity—because ya know, he shouldn’t discussing an ongoing investigation—told the Associated Press that Lochte made the story up. What really happened, if true, reveals that Lochte and his buddies are idiots, allegedly.

Reports the Associated Press:

He said that around 6 a.m. on Sunday, Lochte, along with fellow swimmers Jack Conger, Gunnar Bentz and Jimmy Feigen, stopped at a gas station in Barra da Tijuca, a suburb of Rio where many Olympic venues are located. One of the swimmers tried but failed to open the door of an outside bathroom.

A few of the swimmers then pushed on the door and broke it. A security guard appeared and confronted them, the official said.

The official says the guard was armed with a pistol, but he never took it out or pointed it at the swimmers.

According to the official, the gas station manager then arrived. Using a customer to translate, the manager asked the swimmers to pay for the broken door. After a discussion, they did pay him an unknown amount of money and then left.

Taking an L and saying you were drunk apparently would have been too muc. So instead, Lochte lied to his mom about what happened, and she then told the police and then ish went left, fast.

But what’s worse is an official statement from the Olympic committee that tries to dismiss this incident as “kids having fun.”

Ryan Lochte is 32.

Needless to say Twitter is going hamburger thanks to officials taking Lochte’s suspect story at face value. White male privilege anyone?

Peep the best and most hilarious reactions below and on the flip.

Who did this?


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