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Whatever happens in Rio, becomes public knowledge. Usain Bolt has learned this since the consensus is he cheated on his girlfriend, Kasi Bennett, thanks to the jumpoff sharing a pic of herself in bed with the multiple Gold medal winning track star.

A woman named Jady Duarte, 20, posted the pics on WhatsApp. The two are seen looking very friendly in bed together.

Duarte also claims she was unaware of who Bolt was when the initially met. Yeah, okay.

C’mon Usain, you knew no good was going to come of her having that phone in her hand.

Also, this is Bolt and someone else getting it in at a club in Rio.


Peep the evidence, along with more pictures of Duarte, below and on the flip. Bolt is probably still apologizing to Bennett as you’re reading this.

Jady Duarte 2

[H/T Daily Mail]

Photo: WhatsApp

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