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Far too often in social media, women are insulted, bullied, attacked, and criticized on levels far more intense than their male counterparts. However, a new hashtag, #WomenWithDegrees, is helping to somewhat restore the balance by showcasing several women of color and their professional excellence.

While #WomenWithDegrees was made with all women in mind, the entries under the tag were overtaken by Black women via Twitter. With no slight being made to other races and cultures, it is exactly the kind of images that should be widely promoted in order to inspire young women of color and give encouragement to parents who are raising girls while preparing them for the next level.

Check out some of the #WomenWithDegrees posts we’ve collected via Twitter below and on the following pages. To follow the conversation, follow this link.

Amazingly, the hashtag was started by TAXSTONE. No offense. We’re just a little shocked here.


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