The Chicago Sun-Times has reported that Police Superintendent Jody Weis of the Chicago Police Department has issued a policy that goes into effect this weekend that will allow police to use deadly force.

Weis said the policy will allow officers to use their discretions and decide whether the circumstances call for shooting a driver or passengers suspected of committing a felony.

“Now officers will be able to fire upon the driver or passenger in a vehicle if that person is a forcible fleeing felon, someone who has committed a very serious offense resulting in bodily harm or has threatened to commit great bodily harm,” a department spokesperson said.

The previous policy allowed the officers to open fire on vehicles that are believed to cause a threat to them or the public.

After the Wednesday announcement, the spokesperson quickly recanted the policy’s implementation and said the department is “currently reviewing the existing order [to] provide officers with more clear direction. The review process is ongoing and will not be rushed.”

This is NOT a good idea! Police are already quick to pull a trigger on a “suspect.” Police are the only people who can kill folks on accident and are punished with “suspension with pay.” Paid murderers in essence. This new policy seems like it gives Chicago police the nod to shoot Black men at will.

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