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Kevin Gates has never had a problem sharing his thoughts topics on controversial topics, so his latest reveal on why he practices Islam should come as no surprise.

In a series of video clips Gates and his wife Dreka can be heard explaining why they are practicing Muslims.

“We’ve unknowingly been Muslims our entire lives,” said Dreka. She went on to explain that the two of them didn’t just pop up one day and decide to practice Islam. Instead, she insists that there was no decision, but more so a way of life that they were already living.

Gates himself “kept it G” as he likes to say and just admitted, “I don’t like the vibe I get when I go in churches.”

Later in the video Gates confronts people who feel that Muslims aren’t supposed to have tattoos, saying that it is an act of “haram.” To that, Gates says “well I’m about to commit a bunch of more haram, because I’m about to get my whole body did.” He and his wife later agrees that tattoos have nothing to do with what’s in one’s soul.

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