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In our latest edition of White Privilege Watch we gotta ask—this is supposed to be justice? Brock Turner, who was convicted of raping an unconscious woman was released after serving half of his sentence. 

If somehow you don’t recall, that sentence, which he started June 2, was just six months.

Reports the Daily Mail:

The convicted pervert emerged from San Jose’s Main Jail South at 6.09am Pacific Time.

A sole protester shouted ‘loser’ as he walked the 10 yards from the main door to a waiting car. 

Turner, who celebrated his 21st birthday in jail at the start of last month, was being met by his parents Dan and Carleen, who flew in from their home in Bellfield, Ohio, to collect him.

The family are now traveling back to Ohio, where Turner will serve his three-year probation term, having successfully applied to have it transferred from California to his home state.

How did Stanford react to this fail? By banning hard liquor on campus.

Raise your hand if you’ve gotten drunk and haven’t raped anyone.

Photo: Stanford Department of Public Safety

Photo: Stanford Department of Public Safety

Photo: Stanford PD