Lifelong bonds continue to weaken throughout this season. Keisha and Tasha have a falling out as Milan makes an unexpected visit and threatens Tasha. Milan knows that Ghost is still investigating him, and he wants it to stop. So going through Tasha (family attachments) with another message was the key. Keisha, who knew nothing of the money laundering, finally knows and is pissed.

Power Season 3

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The ultimate trust has been broken and nothing, not even a 500K plea to escape from Tasha can salvage their friendship. Keisha has unexpectedly appeared on Milan’s radar, as he orders Tommy to kill her to send a message and tie up loose ends. Tommy makes the house call, but does he go through with it or will he find another way?

Power Season 3

By bringing Tommy closer into the organization, establishing him as the de facto spokesperson, and upstaging Ghost by having a primary  meeting in Truth (and killing Shin for all to see), Milan has intensified his narcotic chess game and continues to widen the rift between Tommy and Ghost. Milan recognizes the tragic flaw within Tommy, which is his attachment to Ghost, and preaches the idea of “no attachments” to both expose and eliminate it completely. Tommy and Ghost have different ambitions in life, and Milan recognizes that their dueling desires can motivate them to do whatever it takes to see their dreams become reality.

Ghost won’t stop until he’s free of Milan and Tommy just wants to be respected and rich off the street game. Ghost’s investigation into Milan’s secret hideout reveals that Tommy knew its location this entire time, but had Ghost told Tommy his plan, the extra legwork (and getting drunk at local bars) could’ve been avoided. Their trust for one another has been waning since the end of season 2, and knowing that with each other’s life on the line, they blatantly lie, will only intensify the feelings of betrayal.


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