WTF did we just watch? Jimmy Fallon tried his best to make hate-speech giving Donald Trump look likable on his late night talk show. Twitter appropriately roasted him for it.

Granted, Jimmy Fallon is no journalist and we don’t remember him stepping into controversial waters whenever he does have a politician on, but this interview is straight garbage.

Republican presidential nominee and suspected KKK-apologist Donald Trump came on NBC’s The Tonight Show to talk about himself obviously, so he did his job. But Fallon’s softball talk, which included him congratulating him for running a “successful” campaign, is making all of us question his role a voice on television. Fallon even called Trump “refreshing.”


How can he host a man who has condoned violence at his rallies, insulted Muslims and Mexicans every chance he gets and tell African-Americans to vote for him because “you’ve got nothing to lose?”

Tonight Show bandleader Questlove can’t possible find a cape to put on for this one. It’s moments like these that make you realize how important shows like The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore are, or were. Where Wilmore dared to have YG and Nipsey Hussle come on to perform “F*ck Donald Trump,” Fallon sat there and tried to be cute with him.

Also, does anybody know what song The Roots played for Trump entrance. Remember, they got in trouble for playing “Lying Ass B*tch” when Tea Party mascot Michele Bachman appeared on the show in 2013. They’ve been mandated to clear music with NBC ever since.

Check out a clip of the interview below and continue reading to see Twitter roast Fallon for sleeping with the devil.

Photo: Screenshot

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