Swizz Beatz is being accused of leasing high-end luxury cars only to hustle them off to unsuspecting customers at a profit. Considering how many legit paying jobs Swizzy has on his resume, take that news with a fat grain of salt.

According to the New York Post, Alicia Key’s hubby and his co-d Macky Dancy have been named by Metro Gem Leasing and Funding Corp in a $42 million civil racketeering suit that was filed in Brooklyn federal court on Wednesday (September 21).

Reports NYPOST:

Metro Gem Leasing and Funding Corp. says in its suit that they were happy to lease cars, including a Bentley Continental and a Ferrari F12, to Beatz “for use for him and his wife Alicia Keys.”

That’s how Beatz’s pal Macky Dancy, of the Great Neck, LI, dealership Dancy Auto Group, allegedly explained it to Metro Gem.

Beatz leased 10 cars between 2013 and 2016 at rates of up to $7,000 a month, the suit says. The company claims in court papers that Beatz conspired with Dancy to release the vehicles to third parties at a a markup.

Beatz and Dancy also illegally resold the Ferrari, even though they didn’t own it, the suit says.

A Beatz rep said he and his affiliates “are innocent pawns in a years-long, multi-million dollar dispute.”

With all the success that Swizz has experienced over the years – including marrying one of the hottest and talented women in the world, Alicia Keys – it’s hard to believe he’d resort to such shady tactics to make an extra buck. His man on the other hand…

Dancy did not return a message. A woman at Dancy Auto Group said the dealership has been renamed and is no longer affiliated with Dancy.

Story developing.


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