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With his latest album 1992 ready to drop, The Game’s doing the promotional run for his next release and stopped by SiriusXM and took the time to explain how the entire beef began with Sean Kingston and Meek Mill. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, Chuck Taylor’s been making headlines online for the attacks he’s been unleashing on Drake’s nemesis, Meek Mills.

While some speculated that Drake was somehow responsible for his man Game deciding to unload a barrage of insults on the Philadelphia rapper, it seems like Meek might’ve brought this unfortunate situation on himself. According to Game, everything began at the club back in LA the day Sean Kingston got juxed for his jewels and ice.

After sending Meek a “welcome home” bottle of Rozay, Game warned Meek that “muthaf*ckas be getting robbed out here” and suggested he leave the club earlier than usual to avoid the wolves on the prowl. Meek took Game’s advice and left the club early, leaving behind Sean Kingston.

Looking like fresh takeout food with packets of duck sauce on the side, the “Beautiful Girls” singer caught a bottle to the head and was relieved of some very heavy jewelry. We guess Game forgot to warn him of the looming dangers as well.

Not too long after getting liberated of his jewels, Kingston called up the Compton rapper and made the startling claim, “Meek told me that you set me up. He told me that you told him to leave the club early so you can get me.”

Meek denied it and this led to a three-way phone call in which Meek and Sean argued about who was telling the truth. Game was willing to shrug things off until detectives showed up at his front door to investigate the incident. That didn’t sit too well with the Compton rapper.

Ultimately this led to the night in Miami when Game set things off by yelling “F*ck Meek Mill” and calling him a snitch. This started a chain of events that led to social media slander, respectable diss records from both Meek and Game, and a weird rude boy IG video from Sean Kingston.

But it’s the looming possibility of a Beanie Sigel diss which Game says bothers him the most. “I got love for Beans so when he did that,” the Game stated. “I was genuinely hurt.” Adding, “I f*ck with Beans, Beans f*ck with me. We been in Cali together.”

While The Game’s been saying that he’s willing to let bygones be bygones in light of the death of Terence Crutcher, and Russell Simmon’s been claiming to have already squashed the beef between the two rappers, Game’s history of reigniting a dying fire is very well documented so don’t be surprised if this isn’t the last you’ve heard from him on this subject.

Check out the interview below, an don the flip. and let us know your thoughts on the matter at hand.

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