Time and opportunity breed success, and Milan gave Tommy a look into a future yet to come. Milan’s greatest fault was that he was too good of a teacher. Tommy learned the machinations of his operation and devised the ultimate plan to rid he and Ghost of Milan once and for all. The execution of the plan at Truth, ultimately leading in Milan’s death, demonstrated Tommy’s ascension over Ghost as the true mastermind on this show. He mitigates all concerns, moves in his own way, and gets results. We’ll see how he fares as the new connect next season.

Power Season 3

Ghost seemed to have got his wish to leave the drug game for good, but Angela, feeling the scorn from Greg’s death would have the last laugh. Ghost made a fatal flaw of leaving fingerprints in Knox’s office after he went snooping for evidence once Knox confronted him about the wiretap. This indirectly implicated him in the murder, and Ghost gets arrested in his club, in front of Karen Bassett and her dad. Who knows if that deal will be torn to shreds? Who knows how Ghost will get out of this one. Proctor will be busy for a while…

That’s not Ghost’s only issue. The initiation of Tariq into Kanan’s circle has his its apex, with an ill fated meeting with Jukebox. Jukebox wants to go for the jugular  against Ghost and tells Kana to ransom Tariq, then kill him. You can see the hesitation in Kanan’s face. Is he getting attached to Tariq? Either way, he sends a ransom text to Tasha. The feds and Kanan have Ghost and his family in a precarious position. If season 3 had excruciating bloodshed, we can expect season four to be extremely traumatic!

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