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Looks like Chris Brown might have finally been telling the truth when he said he didn’t do it. According to TMZ, the gun charges against Chris Brown don’t hold enough water for the D.A. to move forward with the case.

The charges themselves stem from an incident which took place this past summer in which former beauty pageant winner and alleged thief, Baylee Curran, claimed that the embattled singer pulled a gun on her while she was visiting his Tarzana residence in Los Angeles.

Even though Chris Brown was involved in a very high profile standoff with the LAPD after Baylee dropped dime on him and police recovered a duffle bag thrown out of a window that had two burners in it, it still wasn’t enough to pin anything on the “Beautiful People” singer.

Given Chris Brown’s checkered past and multiple run-ins with the law it would’ve been easy to believe that he did in fact commit the foul act that Curran accused him of. But, her taking to social media immediately after the news hit and eventually her own shady history coming to light all but helped prove that Chris was himself might have been a victim of a Becky looking for the quickest of come ups.

While the cops could continue to investigate and try to gather more evidence if they wanted to, chances are Breezy is going to be in the clear of the trumped up charges.

Photo: Instagram