Soulja Boy backed up Bow Wow’s post by sharing video of them vibing to one of the songs, possibly the intro or title track where he raps, “first chain was a herringbone, you can call this sh*t Watch The Throne.”


Bold statements gentlemen. What do you think of what you heard? The Migos influence is obviously there, but if there are any “Young Rich N*ggaz” that could talk this talk for real, it would be these too. Bow Wow has been selling records since the early-2000s and Soulja Boy will forever be known as the first rapper to break from the Internet. Plus, he’s allegedly been signing $400 million deals with online casinos.

The album is coming after Bow Wow promised to retire from rapping, saying that his next and last album will be executive produced by Snoop Dogg. Wonder what caused the change of heart.

Will you be copping Ignorant Sh*t when it drops? According to their posts the “surprise” album will be dropping on Tuesday, October 25.


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