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The case of Eric Garner is gaining new legs after news surfaced that the U.S. Department of Justice will reportedly file charges against the officer that applied the fatal chokehold on the Staten Island man. Daniel Pantaleo, the NYPD officer in question, will face yet unknown charges in the death of Garner which has caused some New York investigators to bristle at the federal involvement.

The New York Post reports that Washington-based DOJ prosecutors took over the investigation and usurped the Brooklyn team looking into the matter. Sources tell NYP that they believe an indictment against Pantaleo is coming soon and that the DOJ is looking to make an example out of the officer.

Pantaleo has denied publicly that he choked Garner to death and was given modified desk duty to the tune of earning $105,061 in 2015. Insiders close to the case are furious that the feds are going after Pantaleo despite the glaring evidence that supports the fact he did indeed apply the chokehold deadly maneuver that ended Garner’s life.

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