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Big Boi continues to diversify his portfolio. The rapper/entrepreneur has entered the pet care market with the Big Boi & Bobbi dog shampoo line.

The shampoo line is a joint venture between Big and pet care expert Bobbi Panter. The two crossed paths when Panter found out that Big Boi was a fan of her shampoos.

“I was fascinated by Big Boi’s love and passion for his pets and eager to learn more about this world of dogs that I didn’t’t know much about,” she says on the company website.

Big Boi and his brother James Patton have been in the dog business for a while now. The two of them co-own Pitfall Kennels, a pitbull breeding business they started together decades ago. They also co-own Unbelieveabull Bulldogs [formerly Pitfall Kennels], which specializes in breeding and selling exotic French and English bulldogs. Some of their past clientele includes Serena Williams and Usher.

Big Boi and Bobbi‘s scents and names include Purity, Restore, Invigorate, Calm, Hydrate and the instant fan favorite “Scrumptious.”


If you are in the market for a new pet shampoo, give them a try. All of their products are tear-free and salt-free. You can purchase at or in these markets.