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Lil Wayne was asked a simple question about Black Lives Matter, and things got weird. Renowned reporter Linsey Davis simply asked for his thoughts on the BLM movement during an interview on Nightline, and Weezy’s rambling and aggressive answer has sent Twitter into a fury. 

Weezy acted confused about the question and the gist of his answer was he makes too much money to have such trivial narratives like Black Lives Matter affect him. Twitter almost immediately called for Tunechi’s cancellation, while being sure to drag him along the way.

However, there are plenty of people still riding for Tunechi. Okay, maybe not really, but some.

Most, though, are over Lil Wayne’s antics. See for yourself below and on the flip.

Nightline actually followed Lil Wayne for a few years. But, he actually cut the interview short after the Black Lives Matter question. Peep the full segment right here.



Photo: screen cap

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