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The BeyHive accepts no slander, side-eyes or attempted shading of their queen Beyoncè. Kenny Chesney is finding that out now.

Beyoncè gave the world more evidence of why she is the best at what she does at last night Country Music Awards. It was announced just hours before the show that she would be performing her folk and country inspired song “Daddy Issues” from the Lemonade album. She was joined on stage by country trio the Dixie Chicks for the show-stealing performance.

It was assumed going into the show that country music purist would frown upon Bey performing at the show. But it seemed like everyone in the crowd enjoyed it, except for Kenny Chesney.

That split second of Chesney looking anything but amazed at the presence of Beyoncè set off her rabid fans aka the BeyHive and they have been attacking “Keith” mercilessly ever since.

The Hive has even gone as far to accuse Chesney of being racist. One commenter went to Chesney’s Instagram page and wrote, “You were really bothered the CMAs wasn’t 100% white lmao you looked really upset.”


That isn’t very fair. When NFL bonehead Riley Cooper was caught saying he will “fight every n*gger in here” at one of his concerts in Philadelphia in 2013, Chesney quickly condemned the comments and separated himself from any idea of discrimination.

But if there is anything that we do know, it’s that the BeyHive doesn’t consider logic or feelings when it comes to their leader.

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