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You wake up, head to Twitter, and see “Eric B and Rakim” trending. That’s gotta be a win #fortheculture, right?

Wrong. Nope.

Turns out the R and his DJ are trending because they allegedly endorsed Donald Trump on Twitter on Saturday night (Nov. 5). The @EricBandRakim account delivered a tweet supporting Cheeto Jesus—including a campaign logo flipped to say “The Hood For Trump Pence—which has since been deleted. But, the Internet…


Now the question is, who is running this account (which now claims it was hacked)? Keep in mind that despite news of Eric B and Rakim reuniting for a tour in 2017, the announcement was news to Rakim.

Either way, think about how welcome Eric B and Rakim would be at a Donald Trump rally. Exactly.

Peep Twitter reactions to this “news” below. Most hilarious are the Trump cult members who think that tweet was sincere.


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