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Shia LaBeouf is no stranger to going viral, but his freestyle on Sway In The Morning may be his biggest hit yet.

There should really be some ashamed rappers out there right now. We’ve all seen and heard of times when rappers have declined Sway’s “Five Fingers Of Death” freestyle challenge, or just straight up came wack. But actor Shia LaBeouf, who is no rapper, came in and dropped one of the more memorable performances we’ve seen.

Sure, he had a couple of stumbles, and we’re not gassing him up to pursue this full-time. But you have to appreciate the passion with which he hopped on the mic and went for his. He even kept it all the way Hip-Hop and threw some shots out there. He didn’t drop any names, but they were easily some the most not-so-blatant subliminals we’ve heard. It was almost like he pointed out a suspect with his elbow.

The two rappers in his crosshairs were Lil Yachty and Drake, but you’ll have to listen close to catch them. Check it out for yourself below.