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Lifetime loser George Zimmerman added another line to his loss column after reports surfaced he was kicked out of an Orlando bar and using racist slurs on his way out the door. Zimmerman alleged a Black man came up to him and assaulted him, although those claims were refuted by police.

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

A Seminole County deputy ordered George Zimmerman to leave a bar near Sanford Wednesday night after he accused a black customer of hitting him, then became belligerent and used a racial slur, according to an incident report.

No one was injured and no one was arrested, the report states.

A bar video of the incident showed that the black man, Floyd L. Narcisse, 38, of Deltona, had extended his hand to Zimmerman, as if to shake it, and when Zimmerman refused, patted him twice on his left arm, the report said.

“It appeared as if he was attempting to engage in a friendly gesture with Zimmerman as a reasonable person would do,” the report states.

Narcisse, who is a pastor in the area, was trying to engage Zimmerman in friendly banter he said. Calling Zimmerman “crazy” after the former volunteer night watchman went full rage monster, Narcisse might have just delivered the understatement of the year. Zimmerman reportedly uttered the slur “n–ger lover” to a waitress that he had an altercation with regarding a credit card/

Further information about the case is not known.

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