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TIP stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! and explained how and why he wound up in a Donald Trump protest in New York City.

TIP has emerged as one of the more outspoken rap artists amidst the wave of police brutality, racist acts and ultimately the rise of Donald Trump to the White House. His latest EP US Or Else has served as a soundtrack to much of the protest that has been going on and he has even joined in some of the protests himself. Once in his hometown Atlanta over the summer, and more recently in New York City this week.

TIP tells Jimmy Kimmel that he happened to be recording at a studio not far from where protestors of Trump’s election began gathering to storm the Trump Tower and decided to walk over. He says that a few people recognized him, but none of them fanned out. Instead, they thanked him for joining their cause. TIP also explained why he felt it was necessary to join the protest, even though the deed has already been done.

TIP says, “When I look at my kids in the eyes after this thing takes place, I voted and did everything I could have done prior to now, but after the decision of the election that happened, I just want to be able to look my kids in the eyes and make sure they know I did everything that the Constitution allows me to do to show my objection to this decision.”

TIP would later perform “Black Man” featuring Meek Mill, Quavo and Rara. But where the video at though ABC? Might have been too much to have that and Vic Mensa’s performance shared in the same week.

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