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The RZA is not taking any of your questions about the status of the next Wu-Tang Clan album. You have to ask Ghostface Killah.

Earlier this year it was revealed that all hopes and wishes for a new Wu-Tang Clan album rested squarely on the shoulders of Ghostface Killah. With dissension brewing among the group over RZA’s musical direction over the last few years, RZA decided that it would be best to hand off the scepter to Ghostface, especially since he has been the most prolific member of the group.

RZA pretty much confirmed the decision earlier this week when he all but refused to answer any questions on the status of a new Wu-Tang album. He was a guest on Sway In The Morning and when a fan pressed him about new music, he shifted the responsibility to Ghost.

“You gotta address those questions to Ghostface Killah. He’s taken control over that,” he said.

He continued: “I told Ghost, if y’all wanna do it again, let’s put it in his hands; he’s been the most prolific, the one that’s really got feet on the ground in music…let’s go ahead let the best-qualified man do the job…I’m sure his way of doing things, everybody will feel. Ghost, you know, he only does music…I think that’s a nice focus that’ll be helpful.”

RZA does have a point. The reason why Ghost has emerged as the most productive rapper in the collective is because that is all he seems to do. No movies, no commercials, no inventions. He will film a threatening PSA in a hotel room if you talk slick about him though. But other than that, just music.

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