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Here we go again. A judged declared a mistrial in the case of Ray Tensing, the white Cincinnati University cop who shot and killed and unarmed Black man, Sam Dubose, last year during a traffic stop. 

Reports Raw Story:

The jury said on Friday they were deadlocked, but were ordered by Judge Megan Shanahan, of Common Pleas Court in Hamilton County, to redouble their efforts. The jury had begun deliberating on Wednesday on whether former officer Ray Tensing was guilty of murder or voluntary manslaughter.

 “You are again saying that after a night of sleep and two additional hours of deliberations, you are unable to reach a unanimous verdict,” Shanahan told the 12 panelists on Saturday. “By reason of your inability to reach a verdict, I declare this case a mistrial.”

The killing fueled demonstrations against use of lethal force by white officers against unarmed blacks and other minorities, an issue which has been the focus of nationwide protests and a renewed national debate over racial bias in the criminal justice system.

Dubose offense was a missing license plate. As for Tensing, he was wearing a Confederate Flag t-shirt under his uniform at the time of the shooting.

CBS News reports that Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters will decide in the next two weeks whether to try the case again.

Photo: Cincinnati PD