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Brooklyn bred femcee Foxy Brown testified in front of a grand jury in New York about two incidents that took place last month.

According to published reports, Brown, whose real name in Inga Marchand, is expected to answering questions surrounding a potential restraining order violation against her neighbor Arlene Raymond.

According to court documents, a court ordered Brown to stay away from Raymond, after she was convicted of striking the woman with her Blackberry during a 2007 argument in the same neighborhood, but it’s not what happened in 2007 that has landed her in hot water.

On July 21st, Foxy Brown was arrested and accused of shouting profanities at Raymond and mooning her during the argument.

A week later, Foxy Brown was allegedly involved in a massive brawl in a luxury high-rise in Manhattan.

As previously reported, Foxy Brown allegedly lashed out at her manager, Bernadette Brennan, in a brawl that took more than 10 people to control.

Foxy Brown, who left the scene before police arrived, never faced charges in connection with the argument.

“An argument started because my manager had booked us for two interviews but only gave us 20 minutes’ notice for hair and make-up,” Foxy Brown told The New York Post. “My manager was yelling and screaming at my friend. It was a heated exchange between three friends. I never hit anyone.”

Foxy Brown has plead not guilty to one felony count of criminal contempt of court for violating an order of protection, as of press time no word on when the follow up trial is scheduled.