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TIP is urging disgruntled Americans to set their sights on the 2018 midterm elections.

TIP has had a lot to say during the 2016 Presidential campaign and election. His most recent release US Or Else talks about police brutality, racism and lazy politicians. He’s also voiced his opinion in numerous interviews.

Now that the election is over and Donald Trump is about to be our new president, he is encouraging voters to show up in 2018 for the midterm elections to select the House of Representatives.

“Now it’s about focusing on, for one, how we have to keep ourselves out of harm’s way and kind of how we unite over the next two years,” he says. “Because in the next two years there’s going to be some more voting that needs to be done, it’s some more people that need to be elected.”

He also stressed the importance of voting locally and urged people to “stay out of the grasp of the man.”

As far as Trump winning the election, TIP feels that Americans simply came with too little too late.

“We didn’t do enough, in enough time,” he said.


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