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BET founder, former Charlotte Bobcats owner and first African-American billionaire Bob Johnson met with Donald Trump and feels that Blacks should hear him out.

Donald Trump managed to offend just about every minority group possible during his Presidential campaign. African-Americans got their taste when he pitched for their votes asking “what the hell do you have to lose?” Obviously, Trump assumed that ALL African-Americans were unemployed, living in poverty and going to terrible schools.

Now that he has been elected President of the United States, many African-Americans are not confident that Trump has their best interests in mind. He’s been appointing suspected White supremacists to his cabinet and putting them in key advisory roles. Having people like that in your ear can’t possibly be conducive to working with African-Americans.

However, he did reach out to one Black man of influence recently, businessman Bob Johnson. Johnson tells CNBC that Trump reached out to him in an effort to find out what he can do to improve his relationship with the African-American community.

Instead of talking politics, Johnson said they had a business-based conversation that involved real money and real jobs to improve African-Americans status in America. “Business solutions to social problems” is how he described it.

“The real question you should be asking is what do African-Americans have to gain from your presidency,” Johnson says he told Trump in response to his prior campaign remarks.

Knowing the pending slander he is sure to receive for even sounding like he’s supporting Donald Trump, which he is not, Johnson, a Democrat offered a profound response to the expected backlash.

Paraphrasing Congressional Black Caucus member Bill Clay, Johnson said, “Black Americans should have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies. Just permanent interests. I think with the Trump administration, that’s the philosophy we should take.”

Dave Chappelle and even President Obama himself have said to give Trump a shot too, will you? It’s going to be very difficult to “give Trump a shot” with him continuing to surround himself with suspected White supremacists. We’ve haven’t heard or seen any inklings of him appointing African-Americans to any of his cabinet positions.

Check out Johnson’s interview below. What do you think?