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Orlando Brown has been providing the internet with shenanigans for some time now, but his DJ Vlad interview took it to another level.

Former child star Orlando Brown is doing what most child stars do when they grow up, start acting weird as hell.

Looking to bring his weird behavior on social media to a wider audience, DJ Vlad invited Brown to his space for an interview and as expected, the ex-Disney actor delivered. Brown talked about his days as an actor on That’s So Raven and even reminisced about the first times he met Miley Cyrus and Keke Palmer. But, it was his description of Raven Symone’s lady lumps and what he’s done to them is what has people talking.

In the clip above Brown seems to go to some distant land in his head when he starts talking about the sexual experiences he had with Raven when they were young actors on set. It’s not the first time Brown has shared these stories, he’s told them before via his personal social media channels. But now that’s said it on Vlad, it’s really out there.

Yes, the stories sound as weird as you think. But that didn’t stop Twitter from voicing their opinions and cracking jokes on Brown’s erotic storytelling and trying to figure out just what kind of drugs he’s on. So far, crack and cocaine are the leading suspects.

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