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When it comes to hood fights, there are multiple levels and degrees of struggle. However, the two, or so, chicks seen in this footage have reach apex levels of f*ckery. 

Like, this is the Super Saiyan or 37th Chambers of ratchetness.

After one chick is seen getting stomped the f*ck out (the stomper is rocking sandals, no less), she refuses to give up. So, she jumps in her Toyota and proceeds to drive into the door of the BMW (note: the Beamers doors is sent very much the wrong way). At this point we realize the fight is going down in a parking lot, and the two whips proceed to engage in a battle of bumper cars, with SUVs.

Ain’t enough insurance in the world to cover this bruh.

Oh, you gotta wait until you see the fire hydrant getting clipped. This is glory.

Shout out to the commenter who is heard saying “these b*tches stupid.”

Can’t. Stop. Watching.