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Well, it looks like the police finally… [SPOILERS AHEAD]

…have Luke Cage in custody.

After Willis Stryker further sullied Luke Cage’s good name by implicating him in the murder of Damon “Diet Obama” Boone, Luke had no choice but to let Judas bullet packing police take him in without a fight.

Though all of the hostages of the Harlem’s Paradise siege, including Misty Knight, are saying that Luke Cage is innocent, Inspector Ridley and her team are hearing none of it and want to question Luke Cage themselves.

In the meantime, Shades has been taken into custody himself and Diamondback’s in the wind having relocated himself and his operation to another part of town.

Will the cops give Luke a chance to tell his side of the story? Does Luke even plan on making it all the way to the station?

Here’s a quick recap of Marvel’s Luke Cage, Episode 12: Soliloquy Of Chaos

Marvel's Luke Cage

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