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50 Cent suing

50 Cent may be from the hood but don’t think for a second he won’t flex his legal muscle if you try to get one over on him.

According to TMZ, the Queens rapper has decided to file a lawsuit against Phenomenal Vinyl, Rim Source Motorsports, and Forgiato for posting his likeness on social media to push rims (that don’t even spin) and vehicle wraps.

While Fiddy does acknowledge that he hired the companies to do some specialty work on his toys, he also says he gave them specific orders that they not use any pictures or images of him.

Phenomenal Vinyl must’ve thought it was all love because not only did they post pics of Curtis Jackson on their IG account, but they even tagged him to let him know they did so. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

So now 50 is suing all three companies for using his name without permission and also has a $31,000 car rims bill with Phenomenal Vinyl that’s yet to be settled because 50 says they overcharged him out of vengeance.

Don’t they know this man is “legally broke”?

Peep the pics that pushed 50 over the legal edge below and on the following pages.

50 Cent suing

Photos: TMZ

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