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George Willborn, the co-host of the nationally syndicated Michael Baisden show has been named in a discrimination lawsuit after authorities say a white couple denied him the right to buy a home because of the color of his skin.

Willborn and his wife Peytyn were in talks to buy a five-bedroom Chicago home at $1.7 million and prepared a final sales contract with Daniel and Adrienne Sabbia, a white couple.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development filed the complaint on behalf of George and Peytyn after an investigator told them that Daniel Sabba declined to sign the contract because he’d “rather not sell to an African American.”

Speaking on the incident, Willborn was quoted by the Chicago Sun Times as saying,

“I think it’s unfortunate, sad and disgusting. It jolts you to your core beliefs…No one has the right to dictate the American dream.”

The Wilborns’ offer was reportedly the highest the Sabbias received in two years.

The Sun Times reports that rather than sell the home to the couple, the Sabbias took it off the market only to put it back on in March with an asking price of $1.799 million.