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Rapper and radio host Nelly has decided to respond to former St. Lunatic member Slo Down’s allegations of under paying members in the group.

As previously reported, Slo Down claims that while Nelly was “eating,” his band mates were “snacking” and barely getting paid for their services.

“I might Fawk around and get emotional talkin’ about all how that money was getting’ split up, Shyte was crazy…N*ggas was eatin’ and I wasn’t one of them n*ggas. I was snackin’… I was lunchin’, havin’ lunch every now and then, and n*ggas was eatin’ four course meals and ain’t have Shyte to do with Shyte.”

Nelly has decided to fire back via Twitter against the allegations claiming that Slo Down was paid for doing nothing.

“I wish I could have made ova a half a mill dollars for just wearing a mask on stage!!!!!loldammm,” Nelly posted. “I hate ungratefulness pimp!u don’t write!don’t rap!!u don’t even stay in the studio till the song is done!still make a halfmil”

In addition to squelching claims of short changing, Nelly also put a halt to rumors that he was leaving rap for radio.

“I’m leaving rap?” Nelly Tweeted. “Where did u get that from??lol”

But everything was not about clarity; Nelly took some time to promote his upcoming fitness DVD and even dropped a few behind the scenes pics for fans.

“On the set filming my fitness DVD!! Let’s get it!!”

Check out the pics:

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