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Michelle Obama, like so many of us, went to bed on the night of November 8 because she doesn’t like watching that type of ish either. 

Michelle Obama might have gave the Blackest answer possible when she was asked what she did on election night when America decided they wanted a p*ssy-grabbing, housing discriminating, g*tdamn lying, egomaniac to be its next President.

In an interview with People Magazine the outgoing FLOTUS revealed that she just took it upstairs while most of America was biting their nails and throwing plates at the television screen.

“I went to bed,” she said. “I don’t watch debates. I don’t like to watch the political discourse; I never have. I barely did with [Barack].”

Two snaps.

Mrs. Obama added that whatever she felt she had to say or do about the election, she already did. She goes on to say that whatever happened on election night was up to the American people.

First Lady Obama insists that she is willing to help the next administration transition in and do the best job possible. But from the look on her face, you can tell she’s ready to be done with all of this.