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Nikita Whitlock, a fullback with the New York Giants, had his New Jersey apartment ransacked and vandalized with several racial slurs and a “KKK” graffiti tag. Whitlock says this is the second time his home has been broken into and vandalized.

CBS New York reports:

The Bergen County home of a local athlete was broken into Tuesday evening. Several items were taken, but what’s more disturbing is what the suspects left behind.

The first thing New York Giants fullback Nikita Whitlock saw when he walked in to his Moonachie home was a graffiti swastika on the wall which he’s covered up to protect his 6-year-old son.

He went on to discover the letters “KKK” scrawled in his basement apartment, in addition to the words, “Go back to Africa.”

“It just re-establishes that no matter where you are, no matter who you are, this can happen to you,” he said.

The second year Giant has lived in his apartment for less than six months. This is the second break in he’s endured.

Whitlock says that he and wife and their two children were away for just a few hours when the incident took place. The 25-year-old Texas native says the family sense of security is wrecked and that he’s aware of the reasons that such an act is occurring in these times.

“It’s about to be 2017,” says Whitlock. “Oppression, violence, racism, hatred, violence, there’s no need for that.”

Police are still looking into the details of the first break-in, which occurred over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

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