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File this one under “When keeping it real, on social media, goes wrong.” A woman took to Twitter to ask for feedback about a text she sent a gentleman, we assume, after an ill-fated date.

Black Twitter

That itself isn’t so bad, but it’s the last sentence that got Black Twitter riled up.

After literally listing her demands of any man who would seek her attention, she wrote, “You’re one of four.”

Wait, what?

The result has been slander, bullying, the occasional defense and plenty of jokes. Oh so many jokes.

To be fair, there is way more to the story (some ish about renting out a whole theater, split checks, yadda yadda yadda). But Twitter doesn’t care—and thus her mentions are in shambles.

Peep the struggle below and on the following pages.

Black Twitter

Black Twitter

Photo: Twitter/@KutfromtheKente

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