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Young Thug saw what you was saying about him after he posted video of himself going off on two airport employees.

He didn’t appreciate it all.

Thugger took to his handheld confessional booth [his phone] to talk directly to his detractors who jumped to conclusions about what was really going on in the video.

Here’s his statement:

“If a n*gga put a bitch in place for playing games. Y’all try to bash him. But y’all be the same muthaf*ckas who upload 15 black girls around this muthaf*cka fighting and trying to kill each other with knives and bats and shit. Or post a n*gga laying cold-blooded that done got shot down in the street on the muthafc*kin internet. But try to go to the extreme with the situation I had when a h* made me miss a $150,000 show.”

He also insisted that his insults weren’t directed at all Black people, Africans or people with natural or “nappy” hairstyles. They were only for the two women he was scolding.

“Don’t take a situation about me arguing with these two black p*ssy-*ss h*es for making me miss my money and try to mix everybody Black into it,” he said. “I wasn’t talking about everybody. I was talking about them.”

In other parts of his response he reveals why he doesn’t get into political arguments because they are a “waste of time” and also infers that he’s not joining any movements until they are ready to kill and really change things. Thugger later suggests that more rappers with money offer to pay for college tuitions for people in need.

Watch for yourself below. Warning, you may have to clean your ears after listening.

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