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Comedian and online personality Lil Duval gave some strong advice to Rob Kardashian on how to deal with his baby mama Blac Chyna, and it involves hands.

When you put your entire life on display via reality shows and social media, you’re inviting the entire world and their opinions into your relationship. Since the first day we even heard of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna being a couple, people have had plenty to say.

Now with there seeming to be some scripted and unscripted drama unfolding in their lives as new parents, people are really weighing in with their “expert” opinions. One of them being Lil Duval.

The Florida funnyman has made a name for himself making outlandish comments in the past, but his latest jab hits below the belt. In a tweet that he later reposted to Instagram, Duval suggests that Kardashian take it back to the caveman days and use his fist to get his baby mama in check.

Physical violence against women is never “cool,” but Duval seems to think it is necessary when dealing with a certain kind of woman. He reiterated his stance on Instagram.

While Duval did get a couple of hi-fives in the form of reposts, his advice did not go over so well with most. Many people blasted him for the fact that he has a daughter of his own.

Photo: Instagram

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