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Yasiin Bey and Ferrari Sheppard, collectively known as Dec 99th, made their national television debut last night, but never showed their faces.

Any other group that would have the opportunity to showcase their music on a popular late night talk show would probably make sure all of the lights were on so everybody could see them, but not Dec 99th.

The duo opted to perform in the shadows with front man Bey concealing his identity in a hoodie and Sheppard staying towards the back of the stage only allowing his swaying arm to be seen. In what is probably the first and only television appearance for the duo, they left a mark, but left some questions at the same time. Either way, the vibe of the performance runs congruent with the feel of the album that dropped earlier this week.

Dec 99th is expected to be one of the three final projects from Bey [formerly known as Mos Def] before he officially retires from making Hip-Hop music.

Check out their performance of “Seaside Panic Room” and “N.A.W.” below.

Photo: Screenshot