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The mystery man who won South Carolina’s Democratic bid for the Senate race is continuing his campaign despite being indicted on obscenity charges.

Alvin Greene says he will not drop out of the Senate race against Jim DeMint despite being charged with obscenity for showing an “inappropriate picture” to a college student

When reporter Rad Berky of News Channel 36 visited Green’s home to ask him about the obscenity charges, an obviously irritated Greene told Berky “Yes, yes” that he was staying in the race and asked him to leave.

When Greene’s brother, who he lives with opted to speak with the reporter, the candidate can be heard in the background wailing “Noooooo” “Gooooo.”


Greene was indicted Friday after police says he showed obscene pictures to University of South Carolina student Camille McCoy last fall before asking her to go up to her room.

A grand jury indicted Greene Friday on a felony charge of disseminating, procuring, or promoting obscenity and a misdemeanor charge of communicating obscene materials to a person without consent.

A state Democratic chair has since defended Greene’s decision to continue his campaign saying,

This is not grounds for him to be removed. Being indicted in no way affects his eligibility to run. If he were to be elected, it would be up to the US Senate.”

Check out Greene wailing below.