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For the record, absolutely nothing about this is Hip-Hop, but it is kind of funny (since no one got hurt, we think…we hope). That said, Soulja Boy went to the “hood” to prove he was good, and ended up getting his phone snatched.

Yes, this really happened—and the struggle was caught on social media.

See back when SB first started slandering Chris Brown, the struggle rapper also started claiming that he was actually down with Piru Bloods.

But then this happened…

Despite the assembled Bloods in the video candidly telling SB his hood pass was void, at least in their hood, he nevertheless ventured out.

Then this happened.


Needless to say, the Internet is having a field day with this one. Damn Soulja Boy, damn.

T.I.’s comment got us weak.


We take all this slander back if SB isn’t okay, though. But wait, King Draco squared up?!

Stay safe, beloved.

Photo: screen cap

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