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Well, it appears that Shirley Caesar has a lot more to contend with than serving beans, greens, potatoes, and tomatoes at upcoming dinner gatherings. It appears that the Internet is currently collecting a number of Miss Shirley’s wigs after she was recorded defending gospel singer Kim Burrell‘s homophobic sermon.

As one can imagine, it hasn’t been a good public relations week for the anointed after Burrell’s venomous words against homosexuality went viral. But Caesar, who has been something of a media darling of late, took things to the left when she defended Burrell and all but blamed President Barack Obama for the looming specter of gay people.

In a video making the rounds Thursday (Jan. 5), Caesar is seen on a massive church stage speaking to attendees and delivering her barbs around homosexuality. It didn’t take long for users on Twitter to swarm and give the pastor a piece of their mind.

We’ve collected some of the best Shirley Caesar homophobia-defending slander below and on the following pages.

Photo: Twitter

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