Shirley Caesar

Well, it appears that Shirley Caesar has a lot more to contend with than serving beans, greens, potatoes, and tomatoes at upcoming dinner gatherings. It appears that the Internet is currently collecting a number of Miss Shirley’s wigs after she was recorded defending gospel singer Kim Burrell‘s homophobic sermon.

OG gospel singer Shirley Caesar is going to get paid for this #UNameItChallege. Check out her website selling t-shirts and aprons featuring his infamous food list.

A portion of Pastor Shirley Caesar performing “Hold My Mule” got flipped into a song and then a meme via the #UNAMEITCHALLENGE. Caesar says she’s excited by all the attention, but she’s cool on all the gyrations.

It all started when a video of the great Shirley Caesar singing about her culinary greatness went viral. It’s actually a small clip of her performing “Hold My Mule” from like 2010, and it’s lit.