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If you bet that Meek Mill would take the high road during the fallout of his break up with Nicki Minaj, you lost. The Philly rapper took to Instagram to clown his former flame’s sneakers. 

meek mill

“If you walk out don’t wear these they wack…..,” was the caption Meek added to a photo he shared of a pricey pair of Giuseppe Zanotti wedge sneakers.

Nicki was known to a rock Giuseppe kicks (she inspired the “Nicki” model).

It’s actually the “Jennifer” model, if you care about such factoids, and cost $995.

Meek Mill was already catching most of the slander, but now that’s he’s only heightened his petty, expect it to get worse. Keep in mind, this is the same man who put her toes in his mouth. Just saying.

Win some, lose some.


Photo: Instagram