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NYPD Captain Peter Rose expressed some interesting viewpoints when it comes to rape. In his world, acquaintance rape might not be as deplorable as stranger rape. 

Let him explain.

In an interview with DNA Info where he was pressed about 62% increase in sex attacks in his precinct, Captain Rose replied:

“Every rape should be investigated. I wish we could do more…It really becomes a balancing act for the investigators. Some of them were Tinder, some of them were hookup sites, some of theme were actually coworkers. It’s not a trend that we’re too worried about because out of 13 [sex attacks], only two were true stranger rapes…If there’s a true stranger rape, a random guy picks up a stranger off the street, those are the troubling ones. That person has, like, no moral standards…They’re not total-abomination rapes where strangers are being dragged off the streets.”

To clarify, Rose is saying that rapes that happen after two people hook up on Tinder, OK Cupid, Plenty Of Fish or sites like them may not warrant the same amount of attention when compared when someone targets a stranger on the street and rapes them in an alley.

Of course, his verbiage has left many local activists disturbed.

“The idea that ‘this isn’t some guy who’s dangerous to women,’ that in itself is a major window into the mentality that we are up against,” said Jane Manning of the National Organization for Women to DNA Info. “If you have the commander of a precinct making comments like that, he’s setting a tone for all the officers of a unit about how seriously to take acquaintance rape cases.”

Roy Richter, President of the Captains Endowment Association, is coming to Rose’s defense saying that his words were twisted up and that’s not what he meant.

“His statements don’t correctly reflect how serious a crime this is and how seriously he takes them,” he says. “It was a pure misstatement. The words came out wrong and unfortunately they look even worse in print.”

What do you think?

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