Was the new boss really that bad? An entire North Carolina police department handed in their resignations, citing a “hostile environment” after a new town manager was hired.

Concert promoters in Syracuse, New York are speaking out against law enforcement in the city shutting down their events featuring notable rappers, claiming that it's because they feel the authorities expect violence to take place at their shows.

An explosive lawsuit contends that the police department of Warren, Michigan deliberately targeted seven Black male students in 2020, charging them with hazing in order to protect an elite white athlete which the suit alleges was "the main one" attacking younger athletes at that time.

Rappers in Texas were just reminded that they need to stay on their P's and Q's. One of their brightest talents is now behind bars for a weapon.

Here is one instance when police bodycam footage actually worked in getting racist cops fired.

According to published reports, the woman, who was actually a Capitol police officer, was terminated after the video of the incident went viral. The police officer, who goes by “Ashanti Smith” online, claimed via the social media account “Griselda Blanco” that she only responded in self-defense towards the protesters, who were both harassing and assaulting her.

The former president remarked on the slogan and similar ones in an upcoming Snapchat exclusive show, and his words prompted some response from many on Twitter.

Brooks, an activist in the city, did not pull one solitary punch in her blistering rebuke of the Kansas City Police Chief Rick Smith among others.

A Pasadena community is mourning the death of Anthony McClain who died at the hands of police during a routine traffic stop. Police claim they noticed a weapon on the victim when fled from the scene. In a fearful pursuit, police opened fire at McClain and killed him. Now his family and the nearby community want justice.


The officers in question didn't deny that it was their voices on the footage but denied being racists and blamed the comments on the stress of the George Floyd protests. Sure, guy.

It's definitely not unfortunate this police officer lost his job for his racist comment.