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Family of Anthony McClain views the video footage of the shooting death of McClain, who was killed by the Pasadena Police.

Source: MediaNews Group/Pasadena Star-News via Getty Images / Getty

A community in Pasadena, California is demanding justice after local police fatally shot a Black man during a routine traffic stop that went horribly wrong. 

Blavity reports the incident took place Saturday evening when cops pulled over 32-year-old Anthony McClain and a driver who they suspected was in violation of a vehicle code. That’s cop code for “suspended license.” Police said the driver cooperated with authorities and was arrested on the scene, but McClain refused the search and fled into the street while in possession of a gun.  This is where it gets tricky. 

According to police officials, McClain began to turn when the weapon became visible to the officer in pursuit. “Fearing for both his and the public’s safety,” the cop opened fire at McCain hitting him at least once in his upper torso.  He continued to flee 50 yards in an effort to throw away the weapon, then another 20 yards before he finally collapsed.  He eventually succumbed to his injuries after he was taken to the hospital.

The death of McClain, a father of three, left family and friends devastated by his untimely death.  They along with dozens of protesters gathered peacefully at a vigil outside of Pasadena Police Department demanding answers.  “If he’s fleeing from you, why would you shoot somebody in the back?” said McClain’s godmother, Colyna Winbush. “That’s just a coward move across the board.”  “This is ridiculous. Pasadena needs to care more about the community instead of coming against us because of our color,” McClain’s ex-girlfriend, Kimberly Jenkins, said.

Later, things got intense when an emotional crowd clashed with officers posted to protect the crime scene.  Here’s police fam footage released by local police. 


Cops said they recovered a firearm at the scene, but have been slow to release footage showing what happened that deadly night. Conveniently, the trigger happy cop did not wear his camera at the time of the incident. Department officials claim they plan to release the camera footage from the officer’s partner, recordings from the police car dashboard, and footage from security cameras of nearby businesses, but you know how that goes.