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Rappers in Texas were just reminded that they need to stay on their P’s and Q’s. One of their brightest talents was thrown behind bars for weapons charges.

As spotted on TMZ Yella Beezy got pinched by local police last week during a traffic stop. Reportedly the McKinney native was booked on Saturday, February 13 while he was driving around Dallas. The “That’s On Me” rapper was apparently picking up from Valentines’ Day gifts for his girlfriend in the Oak Cliff section. According to NBC Dallas Fort Worth police were patrolling the area when they stopped his vehicle at 5:50PM for allegedly running through stop signs.

The badges proceeded to search his vehicle and reported that they found multiple weapons in the automobile which is billed as being a bullet proof truck. He was promptly arrested and brought to Dallas County Jail where he was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon. Additionally he also had holds for the traffic violations which included vehicle entering the highway from a private road or driveway and the stop signs.

According to his manager the authorities unlawfully searched his truck claiming that they smelled a marijuana odor which is impossible since Beezy is not a smoker. Additionally his representation says that the firearms were legally registered to Markies Deandre Conway; which is Yella’s government name. In October 2018 Beezy was shot three times in Lewisville when another car pulled up to his and started shooting. As of Sunday evening records show that he is no longer being housed at Dallas County Jail.

You can view the footage from the arrest below.

Photo: Jason Koerner