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President Barack Obama has kept his promise, as the last of the Iraq combat troops make their way home.

The last US combat brigade has withdrawn from Iraq, more than seven years after the US-led coalition invaded the country in a war that has claimed the lives of more than 4,000 US troops.

The brigade left the country in the early hours of Thursday morning, two weeks before the August 31 deadline for the end of Operation Iraqi Freedom which was pledged by Barack Obama.

Lieutenant Colonel Eric Bloom said on Thursday,

“The last one crossed the border at about 6:00am this morning.  They have a few more days to clean the equipment, prepare the equipment, get it ready for shipment and then they’ll fly out to the US.”

The withdrawal brings to an end a controversial and bloody operation that began in March 2003 that had the US military endure some of the heaviest fighting in US history.