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Atlanta Falcons’ DJ Jay Envy has confirmed that he will be playing Future‘s music during the team’s playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks and their quarterback Russell Wilson.

In case you missed it, there was a petition going around suggesting that Future be hired to sing the national anthem at the Atlanta Falcons vs. Seattle Seahawks NFL playoff game this weekend. Why? To hopefully rattle the psyche of Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson who is married to Future’s ex and “baby mama” Ciara.

Naturally, that silly idea died in the water. However, there is still some hope for Falcons fans and petty people in general. Atlanta-native and Falcons’ official DJ Jay Envy says that he will be plenty of Future’s music at the Georgia Dome before and during the game.

That post has since been deleted, perhaps because his employers don’t want to be associated with such pettiness. Falcons coach Dan Quinn promised that the organization would not be “going down that road.”


Jay Envy has since tried to clear up his intentions telling Complex that he was going to play Future simply because they are in Atlanta.

“This is Atlanta. I play Future at every home game,” he says. “That’s like not playing [Kanye] in Chicago. It just doesn’t happen. I’m not not going to play Future because of a certain team or player…I’m going to play it and, to be honest, no one has hit me up directly saying I can’t play the records I normally play.”

Much of the public has shaded Wilson for doing grown man ish like loving his woman and treating her child like his own. There was also that time when Future supposedly threatened Wilson on Twitter with emojis for playing with his son.

Last season, Future coincidentally dropped his Purple Reign mixtape the same weekend the Seahawks were set to play the Carolina Panthers. People had fun with the thought that the mixtape release had something to do with the Seahawks losing.